Trans-Siberian Private Train Journeys

The epic route between Moscow, Lake Baikal and Beijing is the heart of most journeys

Your exciting days deliver three of the world’s largest countries directly to your compartment. Settle back to enjoy the dramatic changes of scenery and savour a choice of Europe’s and Asia’s most superb and splendid landscapes!

Choose from two directions:

Highlights between Beijing and Moscow

This exceptionally comfortable journey leads you to Beijing’s Forbidden City, to the Great Wall and into the Gobi Desert, continuing on to Mongolian nomad settlements in breathtakingly beautiful landscapes and to the natural wonders of Lake Baikal.
Visits to two kremlins are included: the well-known one in Moscow and the ancient one in the Tartar city of Kazan. In addition to classic Moscow, you also see such new sights like the Cathedral of the Redeemer and take part in a city lights tour of the nocturnal Moscow. A truly memorable experience.